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There appears to be differing of opinions for a lot of cat owners as to why they shave their cats. Some think that having a cat with style fur is the cutest thing ever. On the contrary, many cat parents and cat lovers think that its wrong to shave a cats fur. Surprisingly there are many animal professionals that do agree with that. Veterinarians and even some cat experts maintain that cats must just be shaved when it pertains to concerns about the well being of theirs or maybe comfort levels. In this article, we have outlined the Best Clippers for Cats.

Health concerns that would cause a cat owner to shave their cat could be sanitary problems such as a problem with hairballs excessively matted fur and cats that are actually unable and overweight to efficiently groom and clean themselves. The one other occasion that it is agreed upon for a cat to be shaved is prior to going under the knife. and this is typically done by the vet themselves.


What about the hottest time of the year? The summer. Professionals from the aspic have stated that a cats fur is not something you need to worry about in the summer. Cats fur actually acts as a temperature regulator. It allows them to regulate their body temperature. They are able to remain cool when it is hot outside and stay warm when it is absolutely freezing out. With that being said cats are still known to seek warm places in the winter and cooler spots in the summer as they are not immune to the extreme conditions.

If you have no time we think this is the best cat clipper for cats: GHB Cordless Hair Clipper

Best Cat Clippers Reviews

GHB Cordless Electric Pet Clippers

Cat Clippers

Since you do not need a cable you have the freedom to maneuver and move around your pet as needed. It is pretty silent and includes several blades for different cutting lengths. The blade is coated in titanium, making it resistant to rust. It also includes two interchangeable batteries so you will never have to run out of battery while trimming your cat.

The GHB has a charge time of 3 hours that will last for 6 hours of continuous use. These cat hair clippers are also able to be charged while it is being used as an added bonus. Equip with a turbo speed button that allows you to crank up the power in just a few seconds we would recommend these clippers for long hair cats. The GHB comes in with a noise decibel level of 50 that will ensure your cat stays calm during its cut. An added bonus is the LCD display that comes equipped with the GHB that allows you to see the remaining battery, running speed and usage time remaining.

FOCUSPET Professional Grooming Clippers


This model comes with 4 different cutting accessories with a variety of 3, 6, 9 and 12 mm clipper guards, which allows you to make the ideal cut for your cat. The blade can be modified in lengths from 0.8 to 2 mm. The kit comes with a variety of tools such as hair trimmer, power adapter, cleaning brush, steel scissors, nail file and nail clipper for any pet.

The blade is very sharp and utilizes titanium and ceramic that will remain sharp and stand the test of time. The blade is easily removed and cleaned. Its designed in the shape of an R which prevents you from accidentally harming your cat. It is ultra-quiet and has a very low vibration. The Focus Pet is also completely wireless although a cable can also be connected according to your needs.

Wahl Pet Hair Clipper 9160-210

pet grooming clippers

Coming in next on our list is the Wahl 9160-210 , a versatile and efficient trimmer. It operates quietly and has extremely durable steel blades that are mainly composed of carbon.

The four blades extend the range of cut length from 0.8 to 13mm. While on its own, this model provides a cutting range of 0.8 to 13mm.

With straight-haired cats it’s great. But this may not be the best-suited clippers for long-haired cats. Although it will most likely be able to cut long fur it is more designed for shorter fur.

The Wahl Pet Clippers are best designed for an occasional trim or touch up from your cat’s fur. It is good to keep in mind that these pet clippers do have a cord so you will not have the same freedom you have with the wireless.

OMORC Professional Pet Hair Trimmers

Pet Hair Trimmer

The OMORC Professional Pet Hair Trimmers comes with a cordless design that allows you to get about 240 minutes of continuous use on only 3 full hours of charging time. You are also able to use the clippers when they are charging which can be seen as an added bonus for many. This will stop you from having to worry about replacing batteries and tripping over annoying wires.

Not to mention the blade is also ridiculously sharp. The Clipper also doesn’t conduct too much heat and will remain cool during the entire cutting process. TheOMORC comes with a blade composed of titanium and ceramic so it is resistant to wear and tear over time. These clippers are able to cut cats of any size on a single charge making them very efficient.

It has 4 different blades that allow you to change the desired hair length when cutting your feline. The OMORC also produces only 60 dB and its vibration level is low, preventing your car from becoming frightened during the process. It weighs 6.9 ounces, has an ergonomic design combined with a non-slip handle.

Wahl Clipper Pet-Pro Pet Clipper 


The Wahl Pet-Pro works well with pets who have dense fur, but especially on cats. Surely you’ve met some cats that are very easily frightened. When you want to cut their fur they can become extremely nervous. As with many other clippers on our list, the Pet-pro clippers work produce very little sound when cutting. This is a pus for cats who hat the sound of pet clippers. The chrome-plated blades are sharpened with high precision and do not rust easily. Thanks to this they provide a high-level trim with fast execution.

It comes with a number of accessories: comb, scissors, knife protector, cleaning brush, knife oil, and a sturdy and rigid case to store and transport everything. Highly precise and is extremely quiet is the best way to describe the Wahl Pet-Pro Clippers. It also includes four additional blades, various accessories and a practical and robust case.

Reduce Cat Hair in Your Home

A major reason a cat owner may want to shave their kitty’s fur is to reduce the amount of cat hair in their homes. Obviously removing your cat’s fur will limit the amount of hair that end ups floating around your house or apartment. But you should try to maintain your cat’s fur with constituent grooming before you decide to cut your cats fur.

Frequent brushing is able to help lower the quantity of that your cat sheds, and also be a pleasurable bonding experience for both of you.

Cats are known for their constant grooming. They spend the majority of their time hard at work grooming themselves. The reason cat spent so much time grooming is because it is crucial to their health. Long haired and senior cats need to spend the most time grooming themselves because they have the most hair.

However, all cats can benefit from regular grooming. There is a multitude of things that you need to do in order to keep your cat healthy. For one, you need to make sure your cat’s nails are regularly trimmed. You also want to make sure that your cats fur consistently brushed to prevent any type of matting.

Down below will give you some great advice about how to groom your cat.

Should You trim Your Cat?

it is always recommended that you take your cat to a professional when you are dealing with its fur. Professionals are seasoned in handling cats while using cat clippers. Cats fur is very sensitive and also very important to them. In order for your cat to remain healthy, it must maintain healthy fur.

While safety is obviously the most important factor for your feline friend frequent trips to the groomer can add up negatively for your pockets. It makes perfect sense to want to save some money as taking care of a cat can be very expensive. The best way to do that is to take matters into your own hands and trim your kitty at home. It is imperative that if you decided to cut your cat’s fur that you do the necessary research. Trimming your cat’s fur is not something to be taken lightly. Making sure you have the correct tools will make the process very easy.

Cat Grooming 101

Cats clean themselves for many different reasons. They groom themselves to relax and they also groom themselves in order to regulate their body temperature. Cats also groom to show affection. You may have noticed your cat grooming your dog or maybe even you. This shows that your cat is very fond of you.

In order to get your cat accustomed to being groomed, you should start grooming your cat when its a kitten.

Grooming your cat can be an awesome way to build a strong bond and also make sure it remains healthy. The situation can be very different for long-haired cats. Long-haired cats typically have twice as much hair as short-haired cats. This means that long-haired cats have to spend twice the amount of time grooming themselves. In the case of long-haired cats, it is typically best to brush their fur once a day. This will ensure yours stays matt free. Doing so will also make sure your cat remains comfortable. Is it also be noted that this will also help keep your home cat hair-free.

Grooming is also a way for you to monitor your cat’s health. Grooming allows you to be in arms reach of your cat for an extended period of time. This gives you the chance to see and notice cuts, bruises and little bites that you might not have seen otherwise. Regardless of if your cat is a long-haired or shorthaired you should brush your cat’s fur at least once a week. This will assist in keeping your cat healthy and your couch free of cat hair for a period of time.

Things to Consider When Purchasing Cat Clippers

There are some factors to consider when purchasing the best clippers for your cat. You want to understand the speed of the clippers as well as the motor.  You should also know the type of blades that you need in order to cut your cat specifically. The best trimmer needs to be one that is built very well and will last over multiples uses. You want clippers that can handle some wear and tear. Also, you should keep in mind that cats typically do better when their cut with the clippers run very quietly. Loud clippers could actually startle cats which could make the entire process of cutting a cat fur very difficult. Majority of cards or extremely sensitive to the sound of a pair of clippers, along with the strong vibration of the equipment.

Depending on how well your cat behaves the grooming process can either be daunting or easy. The majority of the time when dealing with cats it can be a very difficult process. However, there are just a few things you can do to make the process go a little bit smoother.  Matted fur will be the biggest issue of them all. Matted fur can get stuck in your clippers and cause them to jam in your cat’s fur.

This is a key moment where your cat puts its trust in you to fix its most precious treasure: its fur. For this reason and to create a better among others it rather important that you understand this process.


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