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Can Cats Eat Apples? Find Out Now!


Apples contain antioxidants with numerous health benefits for humans but are they also beneficial for your cat? Which brings us to our topic for this article – Can Cats Eat Apples?

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Apples can be beneficial to your feline’s health especially if you introduce them as a replacement for other less healthy treats.  A cat’s immune system can be revitalized by eating and aging slowed – Apples actually have just the same effects the fruit has on a human health.


Do Not Feed Your Cat Rotten Fruit

If you cannot eat the fruit yourself then it should not be fed to your cat. Pets are not walking garbage dumps and eating rotten fruits (apples included) would certainly give your cat diarrhea and or other stomach problems. If you haven’t noticed cats stomachs can be extremely sensitive and it is no different in the case of rotten fruit. Rotten and fermented apples may cause an alcohol-induced coma for your cat so ensure you keep your cat far away from them. If you live close to an apple orchard, be watchful and make sure your feline doesn’t go nibbling at rotten fruits.

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Apple Preparation for Cats

Most fruits bought from supermarkets are sprayed with pesticides and so it’s absolutely vital that you wash thoroughly before consumption. On top of that apples are sometimes sprayed with chemicals to give off an extra sheen. This is typically done to make them more appealing to shoppers. Washing the fruit is especially important if you are feeding such to cats as these chemicals can be highly toxic to felines. Wash apples in clean, running water. You may also soak in baking soda solution for about fifteen minutes before use.

It’s Alright If Your Cat Does Not Enjoy Apples

Fruits can be beneficial but they are not a necessary fixture of any healthy feline diet. If your cat does not seem to like apples, then you should simply leave it at that. Do not try to force your cat to try apples. If for some reason it is important or necessary that your cat consume fruit or apples you may choose to purchase some natural feline formulas which often contains apples and other fruits. 

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How Often Can Cats Eat Apples?

As with most food that is intended for human consumption apples should be fed to your cat sparingly. Fibers from apples aid in digestion and help keep constipation at bay but eating a large amount can have the opposite effect – it can become a powerful laxative. So it’s best to feed your cat only a small amount of apples at a time. I’m sure the last thing you want to do as a pet owner is to cause your cat diarrhea. Also, you should be careful when introducing apples to your cat’s diet as you aren’t aware of how much your kitty can actually handle. Commonly though, a few cut up pieces should be fine without any side effects.

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Is Apple Skin Good For My Cat?

Apple skin is nutrient-filled and contains antioxidants that can reduce damage caused by free radicals. Sadly, however, chemicals and pesticides on the skin of apples can increase the risk of cancer. So before you or your feline feast on those apples, make certain it is washed properly.

Apple Seeds and Cats

Not only do the seeds cause choking and often get stuck in the teeth but they are also composed of cyanide and cyanide is bad news! While humans may not suffer any negative effect from eating the seeds, they can wreak a lot of damage on a cat’s very delicate digestive system.

Do I Have To Buy Only Organic Apples?

If you can afford the cost of organic apples, then, by all means, you should do so. However, you should note that even organic apples may contain windblown pesticides or chemicals from nearby orchards. Organic apples or not, always make sure to wash your fruits before consuming. Washing significantly eliminates chemicals and other toxins that may be found on apple skins.

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How to Prepare Apples For My Cat

There are so many ways to prepare apples for your cat.  You could slice an apple into small chewable pieces on top of their regular meals. To prevent choking be certain to make the pieces really tiny; this should make it easier to eat. You can also puree and serve alongside the cat’s normal meal.

Need more recipes? You can check online, there are plenty of apple recipes to try out for your cat. Note that while apples can be beneficial to your pet in small servings, they should never replace your cat’s regular diet.

This isn’t just because your cat is an obligate carnivore highly dependent on protein from meat but because apples cannot provide every nutrient that your cat needs to thrive. For peak health, it is important to ensure your cat enjoys a well-balanced diet.

Final thoughts on Can Cats Eat Apples

To clarify, yes cats can eat apples. Apples aren’t toxic to cats in any way shape or form. Apples are actually an active ingredient in many cat foods. However, there are a plethora of things to keep in mind if you do decide to feed your cat apples. Obviously, you should never feed your cat an apple that seems to be rotten. This can result in possible alcohol poisoning for your cat as well as a potential comp. Another thing to be wary of is making sure to clean the apple skin very well before giving it to your cat. Apple skins hold onto many pesticides and chemicals that are very detrimental to a cat if your cat consumes them. Never feed your cat apple seeds as these contain cyanide which can be deadly for your furry companion. Make sure to remove all seeds from  Lastly whenever feeding your cat something new you should always monitor them during and a for a few hours after to make sure that there are no complications.

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