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Can Cats Eat Popcorn? Find Out !


Popcorn is a popular snack worldwide. It is a good source of some valuable nutrients plus: it is super-tasty! Like most, you may have considered sharing this delicious snack with your cat. You really need to know; can cats eat popcorn? Can I feed my cat popcorn?

Well, yes and no. Yes, it is safe to feed your cat popcorn but only if it is done right. And no, if aren’t able to monitor and restrict your cat while he eats. You should also be aware that cats can’t eat popcorn kernels, so prior to feeding popcorn to your cat you need to remove all of the kernels.

Your cat shouldn’t consume large amounts of popcorn as the snack is considered generally unsafe for animals. Not only can popcorn upset your cat’s stomach. It can also cause serious some health hazard such as choking which could lead to death. Aside from that, popcorn is also starch-based. And like many other starch-based grains it contains a substantial amount of carbohydrates hence. You should be conscious of feeding their cats’ carbohydrates because this is not typically apart of a feline’s diet. If you are going to feed popcorn at all to your cat, ensure it is homemade, fresh and without additives. Cats thrive naturally on a diet consisting mainly of proteins, essential vitamins, and minerals. They don’t need carbs at all and they certainly don’t need the additives.


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Should Cats Eat Popcorn?

As mentioned before if you ever feel the need to feed your cats’ popcorn it should be homemade, plain, unbuttered and unflavored. Little or no salt at all is preferable, as too much salt in your feline’s diet may cause high blood pressure alongside other health complications like heart failure. A cat’s popcorn should also be free of all flavorings and other additives like colorants.

Also, avoid feeding your cat popcorn with any toppings; these could include butter or cheese. Chances are your cat will be harmed by food that could very well be harmless to you.

It’s almost sad to think that our cat’s health and safety seems to forbid all of our favorite foods; cats can’t even savor the taste so why go through the trouble in the first place?

can cats eat


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Are There Benefits of Cats Eating Popcorn?

If you are looking to meet your cat’s nutritional needs with popcorn then it’s practically pointless. Corn is very high in starch and grain coupled with very little protein, minerals, and vitamins. Cats, unlike dogs, are strict carnivores that have over time evolved to eat only meat. Their bodies are engineered to extract the protein they require from animal parts like muscles, organs and bone marrow.

As they have adapted to live on a diet high in meat, their ability to absorb nutrition from plants food has been greatly suppressed. They can process a lot of protein but it is a different story entirely with carbohydrates – cats lack amylase the enzyme responsible for digesting carbohydrates found in herbivores and a few plant-eating omnivores.

Though popcorn contains fiber beneficial to a cat’s digestive system, it only requires just a small amount in its diet and even then, the quantity contained in popcorn probably has a very minimal impact. So, yes; your cat may have popcorn but it contains little or zero nutritional benefits for your cat.

Any Side Effects Of Feeding Popcorns To Cats?

Natural and homemade popcorn is completely safe for your cat as it does not contain the usual flavorings, sweeteners, and colors. The same reason you should make your cat’s popcorn yourself or at least be sure of its contents if you have to buy somewhere. Note here that like other meals in your cat’s diet, it should be given in moderation. Since popcorn does contain carbohydrates it can lead to obesity in cats.

Can My Cat Choke On Popcorn?

This is an ever-present concern. Even though “unpopped” corn is usually small, they are still capable of choking your cat. If you offer homemade popcorn to your feline, remember to thoroughly pick out the unpopped corn grains as rogue grains could get stuck in the cat’s tiny throat and cause choking or even get caught in the gum. Avoid popcorns altogether if your cat is still a kitten or really old as cats in this range are susceptible to digestion problems and choking.

can cats eat popcorn

What if My Cat Steals Popcorn?

You may have nothing to worry about if it is homemade and was thoroughly checked for grains before the “theft”. You may, however, need to be extra vigilant with it if it stole a store purchased popcorn or one loaded with additives. As they are prone to digestion issues and choking hazards, consult your vet immediately you notice any change. Nevertheless, you will still need to keep an eye on it if it steals popcorn; homemade or not and report changes in its behavior to your vet.


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Final Thoughts on Can Cats Eat Popcorn


In conclusion, if your feline must have popcorn, the homemade unflavored and unsweetened popcorn is a safe treat. This is low in fat and calories, additive-free and easier on the stomach. Just like you would a health conscious human, ensure you keep portions small and be in the know of all ingredients added if you’re buying already popped corn in stores.

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