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I’m sure plenty of cat owners are looking for different treats and snacks they can give their cats. Pretzels have been one of the most popular snacks since they were introduced in 610 AD. Typically 550 million pretzels are sold in the United States every year alone. While we know most people love pretzels. We are here to find out cats can eat pretzels.

Can Cats Eat Pretzels

Are Pretzels Bad For Cats?

Pretzels are made from flour and dough which is then baked. Dough contains yeast which itself is potentially dangerous for pets to consume. Yeast bacteria can cause unpleasant reactions inside a cat’s stomach if ever consumed. However, this is not something you would have to worry about with pretzels since once they are baked this is no longer an issue.

 It is very much believed that pretzels were originally created by Christian monks around 610 AD in Italy. It is said that they were chatted to look like arms being crossed in prayer and were given to children as a reward for learning their prayers.

Pretzels are made from flour which is turned to dough and then twisted into a knot shape. There are various types of pretzels that have become popular over the years. The most popular type of pretzel would be hard pretzels covered in salt but there are also soft pretzels that can be salted or without.

Are Pretzels Bad For Cats

Can Cats Really Eat Pretzels?

So to answer the question, Yes! Pretzels can be used as a nice treat for a cat who likes them. However, it is probably best to feed your cat pretzels that don’t have any salt.

However, it is not recommended that you feed your cat an excessive amount of pretzels as they should not be a fixture of your cat’s diet. Feeding your cat could result in obesity and potentially even more harmful health issues.

What You Should Keep in Mind Before Giving Your Cat Pretzels?

You should keep in mind that pretzels are typically a snack that are very high in salt. Salt is one of the most harmful things that your cat can consume in large quantities. A large amount of salt can lead to excessive urination and sodium poisoning for your pet cat. The symptoms of a cat suffering from too much salt are common; diarrhea, tremors, seizures, or death.

Cats tend to very much take care of themselves. Since cats are so autonomous you should be wary of any goods that you leave out around them as your cat may take it upon themselves to give it a try.

Pretzels should not be made a part of your cat’s diet as eating too much will surely affect them negatively. Cats are carnivores meaning they only eat meat and also get all of their nutrition from meat. Pretzels have absolutely no nutrition for your little furry friend. Not only do pretzels not have any nutrients for cats they also contain chemicals that are harmful to cats to eat.

Cat Pretzel Holder

Can Kittens Eat Pretzels?

Kittens need much more nutrition than fully grown cats as their bodies are still growing and developing. It is best to feed kittens a balanced diet so they can grow into healthy adults cats

Pretzels may not exactly be toxic to cats but as mentioned prior if kitten eat too many of them it can cause health problems as well as obesity. Rather than giving you kitten pretzels you should supplement your kitten’s meal with of stand kitty food.

How to Feed Cats Pretzels Safely

If you want to feed your cat some pretzels safely we suggest that you do a few things. Cats should only eat pretzels as a treat from time to time. You can break up the pretzels into small pieces that your cat can chew on without choking. It should not be enough to provide your cat with a full meal, that way it will be easier to digest. Keep in mind feeding your cat anything other than meat has no value for them.

Final Thought on Cats and Pretzels

Though a small piece of a pretzel may be no major threat to your cat, it may not be wise to share this salty goodness with your cat in the first place. Salt is a major ingredient in pretzels and cats are small animals that are just better off without it. Make sure your cat is getting a fed a well-balanced diet before even considering treat like pretzels.

Frequently Asked Cat Questions

Many cat owners have the same questions about their cats. A lot of behavior that we seem the think is strange is actually perfectly normal for our furry friends.

Why does my cat claw everything?

Cats are natural predators and need their claws in the wild to perform tasks like climbing and hunting. Since their claws are in constant use it is a natural instilled habit for cats to keep their nails sharp which is one reason why they may claw. You can do a few things to help encourage your cat to not claw your stuff. You can provide multiple scratching surfaces give your cat a high up perch to sit on. Another reason why your cat may rip up your furniture is that they’re anxious. Getting your cat a perch will give your cat somewhere elevated and isolated which is perfect for cats.

Why does my cat hate going to the vet?

Generally speaking, cats don’t like traveling to unfamiliar places as cats don’t feel safe in new places. If possible you should find a vet that will come to you. This way your cats don’t have to leave your home which will save you and your cat a lot of stress and anxiety. You can typically find vets that do in-home visits by searching online. If finding an in-home vet is not an option for you then you need to acclimate your cat to its cat carrier. One way to do this would be to bring your cat carrier in your home about a week prior to your trip. Place the carrier in an area where your cat frequents so they can become acclimated with it. It’s also recommended that you place you’re a towel or a blanket inside the carrier for your cat to lay on. The blanket should be one that your cat has already left its scent on.

Why does my cat have hairballs?

Cats are master groomers which means they spend a lot of time grooming. Since they spend so much time grooming themselves they end up ingesting a lot of hair. All of the hair then collects in the stomach since cats’ bodies are not able to process the hair. Eventually, the cat hair needs to come out. Most cats remove the hairballs by vomiting twice a month. This ensures that they are able to consistently and healthily groom themselves.


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